January 3rd- 15th 2021 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon is not scheduled to compete.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 3rd-8th, the Rally Raid starts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and races South than East before racing to North to the city of Ha'il.

January 9th, Rest Day Ha'il

January 10th-15th, the Rally Raid continues from Ha'il through the North Eastern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, than South along the Red Sea, finishing in Jeddah.


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07:20 Stage 6 shortened with a deferred start
Due to the difficulties encountered in finishing stage 5 by a significant number of competitors, the decision has been taken to delay the departure of the riders and crews from the bivouac in Al Qaisumah by 1 hour 30 minutes. The route of the special on stage 6 has therefore been shortened by one hundred kilometres in order to make the programme less tough. However, the competitors will still have to tackle sand and dunes. Though navigational skills will again play a decisive role in the outcome of this special, the riders’ and drivers’ physical capacities will also be sorely tested, demanding a considerable effort from them. After that, they will fully deserve the rest day that will take place in Ha’il.

Saturday 1/9/2021 Rest Day

Thanks Mike !

stage 7 1/10/2021
Ha'il > Sakaka

Liaison > 284 km - Special > 453 km

BIKE 7:45
QUAD 8:45
CAR 9:20
TRUCK 10:21
Stage 7

Local time

This is a Marathon stage.

I just might be able to watch some of this stage.......OMG......LOL

Barreda has started, looks like a 5 min delay in scoring

08:14 Ross Branch crashes and damages his bike
The second biker to start the special, Ross Branch, crashed around km 31. While the Yamaha rider emerged unscathed, the same cannot be said for his motorbike, and he is now trying to fix it. A serious blow for the brand with the tuning forks' top rider in the general standings!

Ross has made it to WP1 -31:51

08:41 Price seizes the lead
Toby Price holds the provisional best time at the first time check, 28' ahead of Daniel Sanders and 31' ahead of Xavier De Soultrait. The winner of last Friday's stage, Joan Barreda, is losing just over a minute, while Kevin Benavides has yet to appear at the first WP.

09:30 Sainz leads the charge
Carlos Sainz took his second stage win on Friday after a disastrous performance in the previous special. The defending champion even went as far as to describe the last special as '[his] best day of the week'. The Mini driver lies third in the general standings, 40 minutes behind his teammate, but with plenty of stony sections on the menu today, the time has come for Sainz to take the bull by the horns.


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