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Seen a Instragram post from Max that looked like three Speed cars being prepped for this race

We have 'Mad Max' racing his NA XX and RG racing a El Diablo

Ok, so Max is only driving the NA class Saturday morning, RG is racing the mule El Diablo in the Pro Turbo class Saturday afternoon. They are switching co-dawg seat. Both Q'd 7th.

I read that when RG was qualifying there was a broke down SxS on the course causing him to go off course to complete the lap. He was offered to rerun the lap but he declined not wanting to run the car to hard.

at 16:43 in the above YT post, you'll see the overturned rig

7:30 AM PT N/A start time

Good morning, it looks like we'll need two tabs open for timing and tracking

For this 7:30AM race were watch Max #1977

Max is away, 7:37:04

just before RM8 Max at 0mph

looks like Max is a DNF, leaders have started lap 2

dang - looks like a short day


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