October 8th -10th 2020

10/8 is Q day
10/9- 10/10 race days
Robby and Max are both scheduled to race this weekend


I have NO idea how this event is covered via liverstream, timing and scoring. I'll update in the thread as I find content.

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sounds like they need my raido system i use at my pit

raido 1freq 1 race team raido
freq2 weatherman
raido 2 freq 1 emegerncy
rado 3
freq 1 toyo freq 2 BFG

cost me lil

Max just pop'd up on scoring


Max and RG limping back to the pits with RT FR damage per Weatherman. 6:11


DOdge Poelman wins from the pole.

Hello , it's Saturday 2:05PM, the schedule is pushed back at least 30 mins. for the Pro Turbo race.

2:34PM, RG is scheduled to start 9th if Robbie is our Robby ;-)

RG and Max leave the start at 2:51:59

leader 996 thru RM12 3:07


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