March 4th-7th, 2020
Friday, March 6th 12:30pm PT, 'Mad' Max Gordon and co-dawg Robby will pilot the #1971. UTV Pro N/A, starting 12th in class.
Stay tuned for tracking and livestream INFO.

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best I can tell, Max and RG have finished 11:42 , N/A Pro winner?



the Unlimited events is about to start (Noon)

It was a similar story in UTV Pro NA, Robby Gordon and son Max teamed up to lead a majority of the event and score the win over Adrian Orellana and Kaden Wells.


How cool is it to see after all these years following Robby , we are now in full blanket a Father and Son team..........Robby and Max. What awesome thing to be witnessing. Congratulations all around.

They washed the car and went and ran the WORCS race this weekend. Max was kicking ass. Stock XX tire let go on the last lap...7th place, bummer.


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