March 4th-7th, 2020
Friday, March 6th 12:30pm PT, 'Mad' Max Gordon and co-dawg Robby will pilot the #1971. UTV Pro N/A, starting 12th in class.
Stay tuned for tracking and livestream INFO.

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battling the 1995

Thanks Mike for the updates. Some of the video out there showing some crazy crashes. Hope everybody is ok ... Wow

6:26 pm PT, headed into the main pits. Lap 3 upcoming, tracker turns blue for all lap 3 cars

lap 3

RM22 lap 3 6:58pm PT

rm38 7:28pm

rm58 lap3

I missed it Mike. Tracking ?

Thank You !

orange tracking flags - 4th lap

No Max and RG are not there 8:24pm PT
rm 78 lap 3

rm93 8:47pm pt


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