January 5th- 17th 2020 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon is not scheduled to compete.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 5th-10th, the Rally Raid starts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and races North East before racing to South Eastern city of Riyadh.

January 11th, Rest Day Riyadh

January 12th-17th, the Rally Raid continues from Riyadh through the South Eastern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, finishing in Qiddiya.


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09:41 Al-Attiyah catches Peterhansel!
For Nasser Al-Attiyah, who started the last stage in second place overall with a wafer-thin 6-second lead over Stéphane Peterhansel, the best defence is a good offence. The Toyota driver is making a difference from the get-go and has caught his Mini rival after 69 km. Al-Attiyah can afford to ease up a bit, now that he is leading the special by over 3 minutes!

thru WP1

the cars are fast on this stage- time wise


thru wp2

09:51 Alonso on a good day
Fernando Alonso has a shot at claim his first Dakar stage win. The Spaniard was only 25 seconds slower than Nasser Al-Attiyah at km 69, while Carlos Sainz is putting in a solid performance 1 minute behind the leader.

10:10 Al-Attiyah and Sainz hold on to their places
Nasser Al-Attiyah is still leading the special by a sizeable margin over Stéphane Peterhansel at km 119, so his second place overall should be safe. Overall leader Carlos Sainz is taking no risks at 2 minutes back.

at WP2, Fernando is back 1:07 of Nasser

Nasser and Stephane are in

, in that order

and so is 2020 DAKAR Winner Carlos Sainz

Thank you all, Good night!

Casey Currie won the SSV class by39min
Congrats to him and Ricky for becoming the first Americans to win the Overalls in Dakar!!!!!!!

Thanks Mike for all the work you put in!!!!!!!

Good morning ,Stage 12

12th Currie

Kaiakin -39:12
Contardo -52:36
8th Austin Jones

12:22 Varela takes the final stage and Currie the overall
After struggling throughout the 2020 Dakar, 2018 champion Reinaldo Varela bounced back to finish the race on a high note and take his second stage win by 24 seconds over Blade Hildebrand. Casey Currie, racing in his second Dakar, took the big prize by 39 minutes over Sergey Karyakin in the general classification.

overall time caught my attention , only cars, trucks and SxSs raced the same distance.

Cars 42:59:17 for Sainz
Trucks 46:33:36 for Karginov -3:34: to Sainz, would have been 9th in cars
SxSs 53:25:52 for Currie -10:25 to Sainz, would have been 23rd in cars

the 3 Chinese LS powered Red Flags all finished


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