January 5th- 17th 2020 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon is not scheduled to compete.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 5th-10th, the Rally Raid starts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and races North East before racing to South Eastern city of Riyadh.

January 11th, Rest Day Riyadh

January 12th-17th, the Rally Raid continues from Riyadh through the South Eastern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, finishing in Qiddiya.


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Stage 8 cancelled for motorbikes and quads

Good for Brabec

Stage 8, Wadi Al Dawasir loop
all times local GMT+3

08:25 cars/ sxs/ trucks 12:25et/ 9:25pt

The Dakar’s just not the same!

Good morning, Stage 8

#315 Serradori
9th Stephane
11th Nasser
15th Sainz

Nasser -6:40
Stephane -13:09

07:35 Sainz to open the track
As a result of the stage being cancelled for the motorbikes and quads, Carlos Sainz will be the first competitor to start today's special. A real challenge for the overall leader, who will have to navigate knowing that Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel will seek to take advantage of his track to claw back time!

08:56 Sainz already caught
Carlos Sainz has been caught by Nasser Al-Attiyah after one hundred kilometres, conceding three minutes to the Toyota driver. Stéphane Peterhansel has also regained time on the two men, meaning that they should soon form a trio at the front of the day’s special.
09:36 Sainz in difficulty!
It has been a bad start to the day for Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard has completed 158 km 15 minutes behind Yazeed Al Rajhi. Nasser Al-Attiyah is 7 minutes behind the Saudi driver, meaning he is gaining time on the general standings leader, but not on Stéphane Peterhansel who is two minutes behind the stage leader.

09:54 Sarradori, Terranova and Alonso in touch with Al Rajhi
Mathieu Serradori, Orlando Terranova and Fernando Alonso are hot on the heels of Yazeed al Rajhi after 158 km. The Frenchman trails the Saudi by only 4 seconds, the Argentinean by 30 seconds and the Spaniard by almost one minute.

10:16 Peterhansel: “A difficult stage”
Stéphane Peterhansel has reached the neutralised zone in eighth position and had this to say about the first part of the special. “The navigation isn’t easy, especially because there were no bikes this morning. The sand is very soft which means it’s a difficult stage”.

10:29 Serradori takes control
Mathieu Serradori is enjoying stage 8. The Frenchman has taken the lead on the special after 212 km, 49 seconds ahead of Yazeed Al Rajhi and 1’12 in front of Orlando Terranova.

10:35 Gaps stable between Peterhansel, Al-Attiyah and Sainz
Stéphane Peterhansel, Nasser Al-Attiyah and Carlos Sainz have completed 364 km. The three men are not in the reckoning for the stage victory, but have stabilised the gaps between them. Peterhansel leads Al-Attiyah by a little more than 3 minutes and Sainz by more than 10 minutes, which means the situation is likely to change in the general standings.

11:56 Peterhansel, Al-Attiyah and Sainz together
Stéphane Peterhansel, Nasser Al-Attiyah and Carlos Sainz are driving in a pack after 424 km of the special, meaning the Frenchman has gained 3 minutes on Al-Attiyah and 6 minutes on Sainz.

12:17 Alonso completes the stage
Fernando Alonso has driven a fine special on stage 8 of the Dakar. With Mathieu Serradori yet to finish, the Spaniard has currently achieved the best time, 2’25 ahead of Giniel de Villiers and 3’12 in front of Yazeed Al Rajhi.

12:37 Serradori wins his first stage
Mathieu Serradori has driven a perfect special to win on the loop around Wadi Al-Dawasir, 4 minutes ahead of Fernando Alonso. Orlando Terranova completes the day’s podium.

Terranova was 3rd today 10seconds ahead of DeVilliers

Stage 8

8th Currie

Contardo -15:40
Kariakin -34:25

6th Jones

11:25 Guthrie is having fun
Mitchell Guthrie has resumed the rally in the Dakar Experience formula, continuing to gain experience and putting the pedal to the metal. The American has completed the first 158 km with a lead of two minutes over Reinaldo Varela.

for all the hype about the RedBull SxS, all 3 entered are now racing for the fun of it. The SPEED Textron's raced the whole 2019 DAKAR.

11:42 Despres exits the race
Cyril Despres is among the riders and drivers who did not take starter’s orders for the eighth stage this morning in Wadi Al-Dawasir. The Frenchman, who had switched to the Dakar Experience format after exiting the competition on stage 3, was no longer included in the general standings. He sacrificed his continued participation in the rally to give his young team-mate Mitchel Guthrie his engine so that the American could continue the rally and keep gaining experience after breaking his engine the day before… A wonderful show of solidarity!

11:49 Currie loses 10 minutes
Casey Currie was the new leader of the general standings this morning, but is having a much more difficult day than yesterday. Indeed, he has swapped roles with Chaleco López, who is heading back to the upper reaches of the standings. After 212 km, the Chilean has regained more than 10 minutes over his American rival.

15:11 Guthrie wins the SSV special
Mitchell Guthrie has obtained his second stage victory. Now taking part in the Dakar Experience formula following his withdrawal yesterday, the American has been able to resume racing thanks to the engine offered by his team-mate Cyril Despres and has won the stage 2’27 ahead of Reinaldo Varela. Chaleco López completes the day’s podium and has made up half the time that separated him from the top of the general standings this morning.


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