January 5th- 17th 2020 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon is not scheduled to compete.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 5th-10th, the Rally Raid starts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and races North East before racing to South Eastern city of Riyadh.

January 11th, Rest Day Riyadh

January 12th-17th, the Rally Raid continues from Riyadh through the South Eastern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, finishing in Qiddiya.


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A post from Spalind on RDC,
What? No post here? Two new American teams are now in. Blade Hildebrand and Mitch Guthrie in cars #409 and #412 built by Overdrive and being put in the T3 class. There were originally to be 4 drivers in the Red Bull Junior Dakar program between the ages of 18-21 but we also saw today the entry of Cyril Despres in a Red Bull UTV to be "supported" by Blade and Mitch...if there is a 4th entry here I do not know...but Blade and Mitch as water carriers for Cyril??? Regardless, its great to see more Americans in the event!

from Cyril Despres, where's not really much info there


The Red Bull Junior team is named , see press'r
Blade Hildebrand
Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Seth Quintro

IMO, because Mitch is young, he may not know RG has been there, done that!

So, It appear nobody at Red-Bull asked Seth Quintro how old are you? and when is your birthday? SO, No you won't be 18YO before January 5th 2020! WTF are we pimping you for? JMO.

This guy was just legal ;-)

Low altitude racing. It should even things a little against the turbo diesels.

Probably not, but with Belgian overdrive team should be competitive in the SxS Class

January 5th, stage#1

January 6th, stage#2


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