Join in to discuss Stage 9 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 16th, 2019

San Juan de Pisco > Pisco

Liaison: 408 km / 253 miles
Stage: 312 km / 193 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Robby Gordon - 8:35am/et | Blade Hildebrand - 8:33am/et | Cole Potts - TBA

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Tru wp4 only one sxs sola in 25th to pass and will be best sxs in class, would be huge for the run into Lima tomarow ,go team speed

Seems like they are flying today making some good gains on positions. Did they remove the restrictors, is it Dunes or just good driving and a little luck?

Cole thru wp1

Looks like they got stuck, broke or stupid timing is off again at the end. Wish they had a tracking system like with other offroad races, where you could track their vehicles and see their speed through the race and not just at checkpoints. SCORE could teach them a few things.

they used to have that and it was

Blade is in, 26th

Glad to see team speed keeping at it.

Casey Curie (sxs) and Andrew Short (bike) have both put on a show of consistency and they are both in 4th place overall in their respective classes. Way to go! Big time gaps between them and podium so doubtful this will change unless top 3 in either class have a DNF. Tomorrows last race day is a 112KM special with 247kmn of liaison.

This is a very good result for American's in Dakar. P.S. Looks like RG and Blade just rolled in ASS . :)

Even better for Austrakians in Dakar Toby Price is leading the Bikes

RG has finished … great news. Come on Cole

Robby Gordon finished 29th

Blade Hildebrand finished 31st

Cole Potts finished, final result TBA

That's one giant sand trap. Holy bat cave!


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