Join in to discuss Stage 8 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 15th, 2019

San Juan de Marcona > Pisco

Liaison: 574 km / 356 miles
Stage: 361 km / 224 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Robby Gordon - 11:16am/et | Blade Hildebrand - 11:14am/et | Cole Potts - TBA

Live Tracking Dakar Site ->

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thank you. I have been wanting to see him on his Textron and I couldn't find any videos until this one

You are welcome!

Textron appears very under powered compared to the cars they are racing against. The old hummers would have dominated here. I sure that ASO would have ruled them illegal in some way however. Good luck Robby and team.

Well the ASO has penalized them with a speed limit compared to the others

quick thoughts and prayers to the team in Mexico City. Hope everyone is ok

I really hope everyone is going to be OK. Interesting to know what will happen to the SST race. I am sure the ROC race will happen, but sounds like they may not have enough cars for a full field.

What happened in Mexico City ?

Is RG in for stage 8?

Jennifer Jeffries has spoken with people on the team and everyone will be OK.
What happened in Mexico?
RG updated on Instagram. Accident in Mexico with SST trucks to Mexico. No major injuries. Told Mike, help is on the way. Not sure who Mike is. Cab was swiped by another semi trailer somehow.

TOG is scheduled to leave for Mexico tomorrow early, maybe he and other RGM crew are headed there now?


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