Join in to discuss Stage 8 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 15th, 2019

San Juan de Marcona > Pisco

Liaison: 574 km / 356 miles
Stage: 361 km / 224 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Robby Gordon - 11:16am/et | Blade Hildebrand - 11:14am/et | Cole Potts - TBA

Live Tracking Dakar Site ->

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Just brilliant!


Great find! Shows amateur vs RG.

That was great!!!


Thank you for that link!

All three tru wp4

Thank you !


I can't believe it. I'm gonna blame the French as usual and say they put sugar in his tank.

The damn Yankees are coming, and it will happen at some point. We never give up. Look at RG.

All 3 Team Speed cars just finished stage 8!! RG car only had 2WD in the big dunes today.


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