Join in to discuss Stage 2 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 8th, 2019

Pisco > San Juan de Marcona

Liaison: 553 km / 344 miles
Stage: 324 km / 201 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Robby Gordon - 6:18am/et | Blade Hildebrand - 6:33:30am/et | Cole Potts 6:42am/et

Live Tracking Dakar Site ->

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So a few stats for fans of such things. The 2019 Dakar is the 13th time Robby has entered the rally although the 2008 rally was cancelled so this is his 12th start. Prior to the start of this year’s rally, Robby has started 130 stages with 10 stage wins, 41 top-5 and 64 top-10 stage results. Best overall result P3 (2009). Kellon starts his 5th Dakar alongside Robby, more than any other RG co-driver. 2019 is only the second time the team has run a three-car entry at Dakar (last time was 2010 with BJ Baldwin and Carlos de Gavardo as team-mates). Cole Potts and Blade Hildebrand become the 9th and 10th different drivers to be entered on the Dakar in RGM entries.

They have corrected the tracking

Robby Gordon through WP3, 8 minutes behind (around 25th place)

Blade Hildebrand through WP2

Cole Potts through WP1

Go team speed

RG thru WP3 8:06 back
blade WP3 10:09
Cole wp2 11:32

Robby Gordon through WP4, currently 21st, 12m21s behind

Peter pecker must of had a problem

So at this point is it fair to say that the Textron's just don't have the speed needed to compete with the cars?

I think that still remains to be seen.

The issue is the US guys are absolutely horrible at navigating. They just show up and run. Robby's 8 minutes yesterday was because he had to circle back to find a waypoint.... it was only a 2 waypoint stage...

They all drifted back about equally by waypoint yesterday and are doing so again today... It doesn't appear to have anything to do with navigation.

Consistant crappy driving/navigating makes you drift back too

You should beable to build an open class sxs to have the same hp/weight ratio as a car.

Check the motos. Brabec and Short specifically focused on navigation training this year and it paid off yesterday.

The US car entries simply dont practice as there are no car events in NA that require true open country navigation.

Apples and Oranges as Brabec and Short are on the same equipment as their competitors. The variable is still the equipment. I'll keep your opinion in mind, but I'm not buying in to it at this point.


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