Join in to discuss Stage 10 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 17th, 2019

Pisco > Lima

Liaison: 359 km / 223 miles
Stage: 112 km / 69 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Robby Gordon - TBA | Blade Hildebrand - TBA | Cole Potts - TBA

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Cool interview, good find

YES!!!! please bring the hummer back with a turbodiesel

Podium Live Feed

Do you know if ROC’s YouTube channel will livestream this weekend?

as I was thinking about todays untimely passing of 'Pistola' Pete Sohren. Godspeed Pete. It dawned on me, I did not hear of any fatalities at this year DAKAR. Did I miss any info?

None that I’m aware of Mike

Thank you Mark,
As nobody else has responded to this question, it would be the first time in years we didn't lose someone. Thankfully!

someones co driver hurt their back not sure how bad it was and what their recovery is

Stephane Peterhansels codawg, and the guy that got his legs broken by a garbage truck, and motorbike guys. But no fatalities I’ve found. Thank the racing Gods.

This years Dakar in my opinion was pedestrian compared to the Animal it once was. Now ... I know if anybody reads this they could easily whip out the hate pen and walk around their trailer park in their wife beater feeling like something of a king with an IceHouse in their hand because they told someone off they never met with a witty ...."Then Why aren't you doing it " or any one of a thousand other IQ test responses (First one gets a lollipop) But in Reality other than a few choice videos like the one where there was a traffic jam in a gorge and a guy up top rolled it there was little by way of natural hazards and awesome scenery ...did they cross any water ? Maybe I missed it....even a manmade brook this year...? Before I continue please adjust the tone of my voice in your head a little bit to better reflect not some negative rambling yarn about how the rally lacked but rather how much it had to offer when traversing through multiple countries with multiple geological and geographical attributes. I know the racing itself is what it was and there were very long connections to drive and the wear and tear on Men and Mind. However in the end to me ....Robby Gordon getting an extra helping of shit on the short end of the stick they always hand him combined with a lack of variety just ...... I couldn't get out of my chair to cheer ya know. Next year with the Hovaround Hummer or a turbo Diesel powered wonder wheel all sound like great fuel for a bonfire of speculation and hope but to be honest ...... If i'm gonna watch kids have a foot race down the beach a few towels over some holes covered in a little sand would help the beer sales ya know ? In the end (Taking it in the) Kudos to Robby Gordon and the team for a genuine heart felt give it your all expect no quarter and give non back effort. A round of applause for bringing what they brung and entering the car class (speeding rule....WTF right?) and after getting a surprise party...... forging on in said class. GAS ON !!! How did that term ever get lost?

I can't recall this many teams having to sleep in the desert because of the conditions. Did you see the Dune pictures? This was a tough rally.

dune after dune


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