Join in to discuss Stage 1 of the 2019 Dakar Rally, January 7th, 2019

Lima > Pisco

Liaison: 331 km / 206 miles
Stage: 84 km / 52 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)

Cars: 11:54am/et

Start times for Robby Gordon, Cole Potts & Blade Hildebrand: TBA

Live Tracking Dakar Site ->

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We will have raceday chat up and going at 11:15am/et

Chat on this discussion?

Thank you TOG! Can't wait!

Go team speed .

On the way to stage 1

2019 Dakar Stage 1 Start Times

Robby Gordon - 12:17pm/et

Cole Potts - 12:37:30pm/et

Blade Hildebrand - 12:47:30pm/et

1 hour delay now

Best of luck to Team Speed! Fingers Crossed

Good luck to team Speed

I'm back

Also another great way to follow live results is a this site.  You can highlight different drivers, riders and see when each waypoint is achieved.

I saw a mention 'raceday chat' is this thread it? Or is it something else?


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