Looks to be a good turn-out for the 2019 Baja 400. Race day on Saturday, September 21st at 1pm/et (10am/pt)

Robby Gordon will start 17th in the #77 RPM OFFROAD Truck

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RG in you tube RM 302


RG thru RM293, big gap, aka fresh air in front of him

Looks like he's running 9th


if the tracker info is correct, yes 9th place physically.

Thankx for the updates and the pictures “GAS ON”

RG on pavement section 3 miles outside Santo Thomas per Don Brown

Don Brown site member working the race for different crew

TT Update:
#6 RM 326.4
#97 RM 326.3
#40 RM 326.2
#31 RM 328.6
#21 RM 326.6
#32 RM 325.8
#10 RM 324.3
#89 RM 322.3
#77 RM 321.5


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