Looks to be a good turn-out for the 2019 Baja 400. Race day on Saturday, September 21st at 1pm/et (10am/pt)

Robby Gordon will start 17th in the #77 RPM OFFROAD Truck

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RG in

Fish says RG's time might be 1st on corrected

Arciero Won

Yes he did :)

Well there it is . RG says 4th. Great job !!

8th physically and 4th place in corrected time, outstanding job !!

I just want to see the time sheet. 17th to 4th ...

Heck yeah!

Great starting spot for the 1000 way to go ROBBY and TEAM

I see a 15 minute penalty for Illegal passing on a highway


Might as well been twenty. They screwed RG for the 1K. 15 min penalty? Really ? Fricken assclowns... JMO


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