Road America- Elkhart Lake Wisconsin
August 24th-25th

All races will be shown LIVE on Facebook Live! and All times Eastern Time
Friday, August 24th
10:45 am -Practice-Qualifying
2:35 pm -Race #1
Saturday, August 25th
10:20 am -SST Shoot out (Single SST Q, I believe)
1:35 pm -Race #2

Driver lineup to follow, look for a couple of new names to SST

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Easier, since I posted his mug shoot

With Biffle , Mears, & RG driving & TOG on site , we should call up BobbyChuck and JazzWest just like the good old days on the past boards

would so like to see RG rip an Xfinity (Busch to me) car at RA

Hope Daly has a respectable showing

note schedule changes.
And it looks like Greg Biffle will be sub'ing for Bill Hynes and Casey for Paul

2018 Road America Practice Results

1. Blade Hildebrand 1:50.266
2. Jeff Hoffman 1:50.819
3. Gavin Harlien 1:51.075
4. Matt Brabham 1:51.430
5. Cole Potts 1:51.604
6. Casey Mears 1:52.032
7. Robby Gordon 1:52.660
8. Greg Biffle 1:53.177
9. Aaron Bambach 1:53.906
10. Matty Nolan 1:53.944
11. Tommy Dawson 1:58.189
12. Adam Andretti DNF

Race 1 is at 1:35pm Local

RG wins again...

Road America SST Race 1 Results

1. Robby Gordon
2. Matt Brabham
3. Gavin Harlien
4. Blade Hildebrand
5. Aaron Bambach
6. Casey Mears
7. Greg Biffle
8. Cole Potts
9. Matty Nolan
10. Tommy Dawson
11. Adam Andretti
12. Jeff Hoffman

Biffle perhaps had some issue. He faded after the caution. lost several spots in pretty defendable spots on the track. It was amazing to watch the last lap around the whole course.

Thx mike. Was a fun watch.

Road America Race 2 Lineup
1. Adam Andretti
2. Tommy Dawson
3. Matty Nolan
4. Jeff Hoffman
5. Cole Potts
6. Greg Biffle
7. Casey Mears
8. Aaron Bambach
9. Gavin Harlien
10. Robby Gordon
11. Matt Brabham
12. Blade Hildebrand
Green flag at 12:35pm

Hi All, there appears to be a feed issue, trying to confirm

TOG , just confirmed, interweb issue, there isn't any


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