Road America- Elkhart Lake Wisconsin
August 24th-25th

All races will be shown LIVE on Facebook Live! and All times Eastern Time
Friday, August 24th
10:45 am -Practice-Qualifying
2:35 pm -Race #1
Saturday, August 25th
10:20 am -SST Shoot out (Single SST Q, I believe)
1:35 pm -Race #2

Driver lineup to follow, look for a couple of new names to SST

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Times listed are CT

I'm actually gonna get to go. I'm camping at the Hurry Downs (I'm the guy with a couple of RG flags).  Are they actually driving all 4 miles?  Ramp locations?

I just got the confirmation from TOG. The SST course will use the run off shoot at Turn 5 back to 13. Friday morning you'll know ramp lactations ;-) Stop by a say hi to TOG in the SST pits.

Will do!

Good luck finding this elusive TOG..... I've been to a few of these races now and I can never find the man...but I'll keep trying..... ;-)

Look for this guy


2018 Road America Entry List. Racing August 24-25!

#1 - Adam Andretti
#3 - Aaron Bambach
#7 - Robby Gordon
#21 - Matty Nolan
#25 - Greg Biffle
#47 - Jeff Hoffman
#55 - Gavin Harlien
#57 - Casey Mears
#60 - Cole Potts
#68 - Blade Hildebrand
#83 - Matt Brabham
#88 - Tommy Dawson

Biffle and Mears! Awesome

Second to last and

Glad to see them race.

Note ramp locations :-)

TOG is easy to find if you know where to look...


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