Perth SuperSprint, Perth, Australia
May 4th-6th

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All times are local (+12 hours on ET)
Friday 5/4 9:35am practice
1:10pm Q
Saturday 5/5 10:35 am Shootout
12:50pm Race #1
Sunday 5/6 10:00am Shootout
12:20pm Race #2

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Good race to watch enjoyed it

Lot's of news out of Australia,

Matt Nolan's SST was not repairable in time for 'Sunday's' event

hang on for live 'Shootout' coverage at 7:00 pm pt and Race #2 at 9:15 pm pt , SST Facebook Live had the premium quality last night. Also

SST is 'live' now 6:53 pm pt

2018 Perth Race 2 Results
1. Jeff Hoffman
2. Cole Potts
3. Matt Brabham
4. Blade Hildebrand
5. Paul Morris*
6. Gavin Harlien
7. Travis Milburn
8. Arie Luyendyk Jr
9. Greg Gartner
10. Bill Hynes
11. Robby Gordon
* Paul Morris finished 3rd, but was issued a 2 position penalty for passing while bypassing the ramps.

Thanks Mike

That was the best 10 laps of Bill Hynes' SST career.


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