Join us for the Blue Water Resort Parker '425' Saturday February 3rd.

Parker is Mountain Time (+1 on PT, -2 on ET)
Qualifying is Thursday February 1st, Noon'ish after escorted lap that starts at 11 am local.

Robby drew 22nd in Q - 11th 'pair' to Q

Saturday February 3rd features 2 events. A 6 am local start for slower class's, 1:30 pm local start time for the faster class's.

Check in for links to scoring , Livestream, ect

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Don Brown is onsite.

Thanks for the Video!

The weirdest sound ever, wtf?

yep, it had dropped a cylinder

Maybe time to consider an alternate engine builder? Maybe Katech? I mean if they're good enough for Pratt & Miller...

Maybe more than just the engine builder.

DITTO..........wjm & pdxfan.....

He seemed to always have good luck partnering with RPM Off-Road, I would like to see that re-kindle.

Amen to Katech......or even RCR for that matter.

+ 1 Million Brad Duerr. The truggy era was a fun time to be a Robby Fan. I think it was the 1547. Just thinking... was Robby's last podium in the desert in a loned RPM truck? Maybe vegas to reno a few years ago or something like that

Just saw Robby heading to hammers on 247 in yucca Valley

I’m betting RG will be at KOH , but not competing . There is a couple of Wildcat teams competing . JMO supporting etc.


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