Join us for the Blue Water Resort Parker '425' Saturday February 3rd.

Parker is Mountain Time (+1 on PT, -2 on ET)
Qualifying is Thursday February 1st, Noon'ish after escorted lap that starts at 11 am local.

Robby drew 22nd in Q - 11th 'pair' to Q

Saturday February 3rd features 2 events. A 6 am local start for slower class's, 1:30 pm local start time for the faster class's.

Check in for links to scoring , Livestream, ect

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no speedpotts yet

Well .... Motor problems

I thought he had Motor issues on Q.

rg about to pit swapong drivers?

RM 134 Robby came thru at fifth OA.

It didn't appear that he was really pushing hard.

rg pit was bit long due to spark plug wire issue

Looks like RG is done for the day

Methinks you are correct.

Is RG done?

Almost certainly.


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