Join us for the Mint '400' Saturday March 10th.

Jean Nevada is Pacific Time
Qualifying is Thursday March 8th, appr. 10:30am-11am after escorted lap that starts at 9:30am PT

Robby drew 8th , BJ drew 7th, Q might be interesting, 4th pair. Spectating is allowed.

Saturday March 10th features 2 events. A 6 am local start for the Limited class's, watch for #2977 in the UTV Pro Unlimited class, 1:00 pm local start time for the Unlimited class's.

Check in for links to scoring , Livestream, ect

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What number is robby running

where can i find tracking?

on the previous page

thanks mike i finally fingered it out

I cant get any of the tracking to work so how are they doing? Im in Arkansas with very slow internet which sucks.

Whom would you like to know about?

Max stopped?

that race was over an hour ago , Max only completed 1 lap in the morning race

How did Robby do? what happened to max?

results where not good for any of the Textron pilots


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