Planet Robby

2018 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Join us for the Mint '400' Saturday March 10th.

Jean Nevada is Pacific Time
Qualifying is Thursday March 8th, appr. 10:30am-11am after escorted lap that starts at 9:30am PT

Robby drew 8th , BJ drew 7th, Q might be interesting, 4th pair. Spectating is allowed.

Saturday March 10th features 2 events. A 6 am local start for the Limited class's, watch for #2977 in the UTV Pro Unlimited class, 1:00 pm local start time for the Unlimited class's.

Check in for links to scoring , Livestream, ect

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Robby is in the Craig Potts truck

Thanks TOG

@Robbygordon took the wheel of the #50 @Pottsracing TT after the first lap and ran the last 2 laps. 49th to 15th nice run !!!

Wasnt the Potts truck #59.

Was cool to see classic Robby racing his ass off and woking on the truck.

Yes, typo I believe

Typo ....

Is RG done with the TT then?

His TT ? NO , Baja 500 June 2nd?

I wish he would race it more I love the sound of it. How come he's not racing sf 250?

when was the last time he raced the SF250 ? It’s not a race that means much, except it’s 250 miles of whoops

2012, lost a transmission (still an automatic then)

I think they've melted shocks down there as well.


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