January 4th 2017

The rise in temperature and altitude will accompany a drastic change of scenery. With the first off-road sections, the riders and crews will head straight to the business at hand. The first real test in terms of endurance will also call for vigilance and lucidity when crossing the Rios. On the other hand, the trucks will be spared this final difficulty.This stage also features a Naturalization zone with an altitude of 6380meters ( 20931.76ft )

780km 364km SPECIAL -Bikes,Quads,Cars,Utvs. Trucks 757km 199km SPECIAL

Bikes, Quads start time 6:40am local

Bikes, Quads start time 6:40am local
Cars, UTVs start time 9:36am local
Trucks start time 11:30am local
start times are 2hr's ahead of ET

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Are you kidding me, 20931.76ft or altitude of 6380meters ? That can't be right.

It's on the ASO map, it is in the 'natural zone'. racing after the 'natural zone is above 4000meters (9k ft)
IMO tomorrow is where the Turbo Diesels will drive away from the Toyota's. Let's see where the race is tomorrow night. :-)

Thanks for the info Mike, agreed on the turbos taking off. ps-4K m~ 13K ft

thanks, yes 4k m is much higher. They are above 3k meters until stage 11 (9k ft)

Must be a tough stage today. Price either crashed or got lost before the first check point and lost a lot of time dopping pretty far back in the field. But, now is setting fastest sector times. Brabec holding his position which is fine. He just has to manage that time gap and make a push on terrain that best suit him.
I'm guessing Toby, Walker, Soultrait all got lost, more or less together. Looks like there's a gaggle of riders at the front
a bunch of cars look they got lost also. Maybe ever Saint, De Villiers
Sainz looks to be quickest, to bad he lost 7:55 between the start and WP1
Joan Barreda with the stage win in bikes, Sunderland, second. I'm not sure on 3rd ,Toby or Brabec at this time.
Toby will end up 9-12ish. Ricky 10-14ish, both have finished
Cars coming out of neutralization section
So much for Nasser -
The stage leader has spent several long minutes at a halt after 414 kilometres of the special due to losing a part from his Toyota. Long repairs appear to be necessary, making for a dramatic turn of events in the car race.


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