January 2nd 2017

It won't be the distance that will preoccupy the competitors, but rather the tension that will accompany the opening days of competition. Everyone will have to be aware that an error on the technical tracks and even the trial-style sections early on could be costly. The tactic for the following day's starting positions will also have its importance for the top contenders.

454 km, 39 km SPECIAL

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Thanks Mike

Heard he sped on purpose so that he wouldn't have to open the road tomorow

Get Colton Udall a HRC ride w/ Brabec . Would make a KILLER combo

We will fire up the Dakar raceday chat this week.

Nasser, close call. Hopefully they can fix it tonight

No I don't know the Language ... @2:32 seeing the California Flag is new for me

@0:52 some Nasser Deja vu?? lol!



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