January 2nd 2017

It won't be the distance that will preoccupy the competitors, but rather the tension that will accompany the opening days of competition. Everyone will have to be aware that an error on the technical tracks and even the trial-style sections early on could be costly. The tactic for the following day's starting positions will also have its importance for the top contenders.

454 km, 39 km SPECIAL

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Bikes are done , Ricky Brebac just misses out on the stage win

notice the header picture?


Cars are scheduled to start in 15 mins
11:04 local 9:04ET

Bracbec was in 2nd at one point , only 12 sec back. So dont know if there was a corrected final time or that was only through the firt check point.

Price may have blown his Dakar aleady ,17th place 1:25 back already. If he doesn't close tht gap in the openening stages it's done for him.

wow, Pons from 12 to 2 place regarding

interestingly, the Coronel bro's now start with the UTV's . 8 of the UTV's ran with in 3:47s. and would have been appr. 42 against the cars
the 38mm restrictor helped all the under 5400cc gas powered rigs. The top 10 is still 50-50 5 gas, 5 diesel
Short WRCish stage

Brebac 3rd overall.

Go Brabec!!!


Brebac to 2nd
Soultrail (Yamaha) now shown in tenth, he was shown as stage winner this morning.


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