Indycar Grand Prix at the Glen
September 1st- 3rd

Friday, September 1st, 2017
11:15 Practice and Qualifying
Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
12:30 Race 1
Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
12:10 Race 2
Schedule subject to change

All times posted are Eastern time

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Puzzled at first as to why the ramp was so close to the Bridge then I realized's speed sensitive i'm sure...........blowing a ramp going "into" turn one would be Mike like usual ........I won't watch from the front stretch....a good view of turn one and a ramp looks to be in the white and blue.....No ...THE SENECA ...or.... ARGETSINGER.......Bringing the "Special Product".

........P.S..........WJM........the first batch in a long long long time......needless to say I do not have a valid address to send out.

Lineup for Race #1 at Watkins Glen. Green flag at 12:30pm/et
1. Shaun Richardson
2. Erik Davis
3. Bill Hynes
4. Aaron Bambach
5. Jeff Hoffman
6. Matt Brabham
7. Gavin Harlien
8. Robby Gordon
9. Paul Morris
10. Steve Kendall

I believe Steve was having mechanical issues in practice/Q. Seeing that this is his debut. Smart move to start at the rear.IMO

TOG, just text'd , possible streaming issues today. 8:08am pt

Going to restart race one at 6est. Somebody took out the barrels on entry to pit lane early in the race.

Bill Hynes

from SST Facebook
We are going to restart race 1 from Watkins Glen tonight at 6pm/et

Bill Hynes


He drove away from that!

Race 1 part 2 'in the rain'
7 RG
67 Paul the Dude
83 Matty
55 Gavin
3 Bambach
50 Hoffman
57 Hynes
75 Davis
12 Richardson
213 Kendall


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