Just a heads up Robby Gordon will race the 2017 Parker 425, Feb. 2-4.

We will have live streams during qualifying & on raceday.

If you are attending the event, the SPEED Energy Souvenir Trailer will also be there.

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SST and TT are nothing alike. If you want to compete in TT, you need that power.

The days of a single truck team winning in TT are fading. The current top truck mfg's get test data that can't be duplicated by a one off.
interesting, what manufacturers are in development deals, and with whom?
Sorry, should have been more clear, TT truck manufactures. How many test/ race hours does geiser get in a season?

@Rick......the engine holder has been tested over and over the failure is in the power plant/parts....

I'm looking at it from 10,000 feet, not an individual part/ supplier failure.


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