Just a heads up Robby Gordon will race the 2017 Parker 425, Feb. 2-4.

We will have live streams during qualifying & on raceday.

If you are attending the event, the SPEED Energy Souvenir Trailer will also be there.

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#59-0mph at RM10-lap3 -no confirmation RG is still driving

TOG , just confirmed RG is still in

Potts posted on Instagram some live video of RG ...

RG back up to pace
Look for McMillin at the finish

wait , Lofton broke front control arms? that is a BRAND NEW truck

Rob Mac had a mechanical and lost to Andy McMillin,no

wait sh@t breaks in raceing wow

must have been an RGM prep'd part if you ask Murf or Ivan

how many trucks did rgm prep dam them

all the DNF's and RG was the driver coach for all the drivers that crashed

rgm aint no jimco. now

Um, Lofton's brand new Jimco DNF'd with upper control arm failure! Yep RGM isn't no Jimco


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