Just a heads up Robby Gordon will race the 2017 Parker 425, Feb. 2-4.

We will have live streams during qualifying & on raceday.

If you are attending the event, the SPEED Energy Souvenir Trailer will also be there.

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glad i went to monsterjam

Gordon now in the 59 truck of Craig Potts

Noooooooooooooooooo, #41 stopped on course

Just got back from the race. We were at a run while three and saw five rollovers. A great place to watch the race. Did not know Robbie got in the pops truck until we got back to my trailer. Following the race On the radio

Robbie 'Pierce' ?

Google speak. Robby!!!!!!! And it should say Potts
Thats run mile three

go RG!

Nick !!!!


Ahhhhhhh a horse in the race. Good for Potts Racing !

#59 RM44-lap 2


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