Nice shiny new header. Here we go!

Car list:
The 330 looks perfect for G2 if we need it.

THE NL Dakar tracker (ignore 2015 info, it will update when it starts)

Eurosport link:

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as noted elsewhere, RG's stuff was on a different ship. It looked to be in port last Saturday as my memory serv's

Got a picture?

No, nor would I expect there to be.

here you go Sandi
Very long day of paper pushing and walking (taxi driving) between different aduana (customs) offices. The Zarate port is about 100km outside of town. Paying unexpected fees. Ultimately the port guys helped me out and I was able to pull the car out the port at around 7pm. Two hours after they closes. They alternative would have been Monday.

I spotted the Speed Energy support vehicles in the port. (its a no photo zone so I didn't push my luck on a photo)

Saturday we get a vehicle wrap going. Dealing with the plotter guy now.

from Klaus at RDC , posted at 3;47pm pt

Nice one, Mike.

Haulers arrive -- Check
Gordinis arrive -- Check

Dakar Mode officially arrives -- Check

One bit of advice to all fellow Planeteer's DON"T PANIC this year. We have run the numbers on last year, It turns out if your stage finishes averaged around 5th place you would have won the raid last year.

3rd place finished 1hr 32min back of the leader in 2015. Now we all know 3rd place is the second loser, but it is a nice ending to a long Raid.

Tune in and enjoy.


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