Nice shiny new header. Here we go!

Car list:
The 330 looks perfect for G2 if we need it.

THE NL Dakar tracker (ignore 2015 info, it will update when it starts)

Eurosport link:

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MINI ALL4 entering 12 teams? They've become the Starbucks of Dakar - one on every corner.

26 Days....

there is no news on robby and the gordini.. he sure is keeping a tight lip. every one is. always news out by now!!!!!

He's entered, support rig's have been shipped. I'm good with that ;-)

Yep. This is way better than years past, under the radar is a nice change.

@Mike how many support rig's...?

1 same as last year

2 the second gordini has a full complement of spairs.

Great job on the me going...Dakar!

Far too quiet this year - are they keeping some secrets from us?

them there toyo's can fly, with a little help by RG

Yeah it's last year lol but it's the same


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