Feel free to add any info to this thread pertaining to the Rally.
Thanks Mike K. for the Tracker Link http://www.volocore.com/index/m1k_2015/#

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@Todd, in all fairness, it's been many years since you out'd the site. MJ might not have known and I forgot.
Visit more than once a year and add your insight.
FYI, I really did learn the basic's of desert racing from Nikal,it's not a call out.

Thanks Nikal, great info

Chill Todd. I it were me I'd tell Gary to keep his trophy. That wasn't the goal of the trip.

a trophy ? ... how about donating all the prize monies ... to the local Mexican villages ? ... just like Gary Magness does ... $50K from the Mexican 1000 would go a long way

50k was more move the $ from the lt pocket to the rt pocket thing.IMO.Not the same deal.

SInce RG backed the $,should he actually have to cut a check to himself?

I believe ... the Mexican government ... taxes prize purses ...  jeje

So does the US IRS, 1099-MISC. I filed them for 35 years. And you have to declare earning from outside the US to the IRS.

Both countries ? ... then Robby's Pro-Unlimited experiment ... was a lose-lose situation ... jajaja

The trophy, and the point of the race is not my issue. It's the place the content was found & linked. The dude tried to steal from me once and tried to defraud a company I know. So I have first had knowledge of this crook. Every click on his site only hurts our sport. Perfect example is how he claims to be at the race. He's here is San Diego, all he does is troll other sites and steel their content & pictures, then put his watermark on them and put his curupt spin on things.

Again Todd, nobody was pimping or quoting the site to screw you. So far, as far as IMO all the desert series promoters (and Brian France) are the scourge of racing.

I agree. As adept as he is about finding and remembering stuff these "stories" drive me crazy.
Is Overcast a reference to his general outlook on life?


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