Feel free to add any info to this thread pertaining to the Rally.
Thanks Mike K. for the Tracker Link http://www.volocore.com/index/m1k_2015/#

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Tech is now complete at the NORRA Mexican 1000. Day 1 of racing begins on Sunday, April 26th.

thanks to Angelito Barrios Designs for the pics

Are those old style nascar hood pins now holding the hood down these days?

Orange and yellow, nice looking hot rod there kids. Hope the 300 runs good. Get some ROBBY, no mercy.

TOG interviewing Baja Bob, Robby & Ryan Arciero. Looking forward to hearing it!

Thank you Jaci, yes yes on the looking forward to that one !

Gordini's license plate ... expired last year ... jeje

does anybody know how much Robby gets for the chevy sticker on the side? or have any idea what kind of deal it is

Maybe he gets a deal on the powerplant.

They're racing ... not really ... liaison section ... in pairs ... 2x2 ... like boarding the Ark ... jeje


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