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Robby Gordon's Trophy Truck #77 is ready. Photo Credit: Facebook

Gooo Robby !!!!

The La Rumarosa grade is pretty wild and beautiful at the same time! It's over 5 miles of very windy technical road. Baja 500 has so much variety of terrain.Photo credit: Score

That isn't much more than a donkey trail DAMN

This where the race restarts.

Course map

Score International

Due to recent rain storms the course was modified to go around Laguna Solada, this added 15 additional miles of great racing. The course is now 510.58 miles.

Been out there when it's wet, mud sticks to everything. Walked from our truck to the BFG pit and I grew 3 inches my shoes weighed a ton... fun times!... Just remembered Robby was towed in to the pit he had broken the motor going across the not so dry lake bed.

Robby Q's 25th, Kellon is listed as co-dawg

As of 05/22/2015 ... there are 2 Dakar Challenge entries

  1. #70 Bryce Menzies
  2. #1098 Shane Scully

Best of luck ... to both of them




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