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With the 2014 Dakar Rally beginning in less than 45 days, here is a brief F.A.Q.

  1. Is Robby Gordon racing in the 2014 Dakar Rally? YES!
  2. What is the car number? 305
  3. What is he driving? A new design - called the HST
  4. Who is the navigator? Kellon Walch
  5. Is there going to be a 2nd car? No
  6. How come we haven't seen pictures of the car yet? It's still being built
  7. When will we see the car? Mid December
  8. Will the race be televised? Yes. NBC Sports Network TAPE DELAY recap show.
  9. How can we follow the rally? You're already at the right place.
  10. When does the rally begin? Stage 1 begins on Jan 5th.

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Its a Hummer, but not really a Hummer. Just to add to the confusion..

A HumDinger

@ Redinetech and Mr. Zizzle - I would 100% have to agree with you guys. I have been calling it the "The Podium Jump Jinx" for the last couple years, and I'm not superstitious.

I wonder if RG bought the rights to hummer? Just thinking out loud.

why buy it if it's at large?

When will the car be leaving for the race?

Its already there waiting for the wheelman
The car looks like its based off the hummer hx concept car. In fact it's all over YouTube as well. It looks identical

In the debate of the podium jump, well I don't think it does anything to cause damage to the truck but it seems to have become a staple and fan favorite at Dakar. Take a look at the only shot of the hummer in this official Dakar teaser!

Thank you TOG for the HST Photo on the PlanetRobby header, this vehicle should out perform the old Hummer in every way except for maybe the fast straights.

HST is what the Hummer H3 would look like if it was still in production and RGM assisted GM with the design. Looking at this vehicle I hope a larger company sees how talented RGM is and would want to form a financial relationship.

Robby is the Lone Ranger & Walch is Tonto, soo not jumping would be like the Lone Ranger not rearing up and say Hi HO Silver.


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