Join in here and discuss all the action for the 2013 SCORE TECATE BAJA 1000.This event is a 883 mile 'LOOP' race starting and finishing in Ensenada Mexico.Links for tracking,Facebook and Twitter will be provided. This event also will feature's 'chat' so you can follow along with fellow Robby Gordon fans.

Schedule of Events
Wednesday Nov.13 9am/pst TT Qualifying
(Robby Q's 9th)
Qualifying Live link
Thursday Nov. 14 10am/pst-5pm/pst Contingency
11pm/pst RACE START- Motorcycles/ATVs
Scoring Live link
Friday Nov. 15 9am/pst RACE START Trucks/Cars

Scoring Live link

PlanetRobby 'chat' will open before the TT start


Others Links of interest



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With what's posted (not much) RobMac/Armin :25/:27

Mike you remember RG time from last year? Assuming same track

No I don't remember the Q time from the 500

I'd be okay with a total time dump at the end, but just say that if it's the plan. base 12 math is hard. lol

Looks like the timing app had a moment.

Except I'm sure Roger didn't give an old school friend 630M to make it.

I don't know, sometimes I think he owe's DirtLive George $. j/k

I can't watch that crap anymore!

Huh? From the other site:
rumor mill: the R&D helicopter may have flown low to a point where Robby Gordon felt it interfered with his qualifying run. Robby was denied a 2nd run. but SCORE may issue some form of penalty/consequence.

Come on its all sbout the sponser monster!! Over and over again he just really has to smoke everybody to prove his point then they all shut!!!
Was that the white helio, thought that Was way to low

Sorry, Yeah from score's coverage. Watching qualifying was just crap. Camera all over the place, stuck on the porta-potty's.

Looks like he may have qualified 8th. Menzies on the top.


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