Join in and discuss all the action for the 2013 B.I.T.D. Parker 425. Robby Gordon is driving the #77 SPEED Energy Trophy Truck. Qualifying is on Thursday, January 31st ( about 3:00pm/et ) & the race is slated to begin at 9:15am/et on Saturday, February 2nd. Live raceday CHAT will be available. Stay tuned for further info.

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RG won i saw it all day the penalty is bull shit because the helicopter did not follow RG 247 during the race

everyone who followed the race all day long knew who was the fastest vehicle on course was. I'm happy with the performance.that's just me.

Absolutely - bad fast, no breaks. Just like Dakar - the whole team is putting up a strong performance.

I like this one
Just glad this can't happen in SCORE, you will be penalized for upcoming events,

RG 1, Pistola 0, haha

No fight footage on PR this morning... :(

Pistol Pete is an idiot. He deserves whatever he got.

Yes you touch somebody's personal stuff you should probably be ready for a response.

Yep..its heating up on RDC forum.

Thats it no more bumping once !!!!!!! Robby just take them for a ride!!!! after all its off-road !!!!!!! MAYBE THEY FIGURE IT OUT WHEN EVERYBODYS UPSIDE DOWN ALL OVER THE COURSE !!!! HOW IT WAS BEFORE !!!!!!!!


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