We are now in the final days leading up until the start of the 2013 Dakar Rally here at PlanetRobby. This is the most anticipated rally in recent memory, with MANY subplots ( RG vs the mini's, the king of the energy drinks and the new "Nasser" buggy) and of course, the battle with Peterhensel. This is truly an US vs THEM battle for the ages. Those who have been here during the past Dakar Rallies, we plan on doing what we always have done: Making this a great 'getaway' and destination for all Robby Gordon and Dakar fans.

Looking at the Schedule, the scrutineering sets things in motion:

January 2,3 & 4th, 2013: The beaches of Lima

The site of the technical and administrative checks will be set up in the Magdalena District, where the South-American competitors will assemble on 2nd January in the afternoon. The “Dakar Village”, a meeting place for the competitors, the rally’s sponsors and the spectators, is next to the secure car park where the vehicles will be parked before the start.

Opening hours for the public:

01/02: 11am - 11p
01/03: 11am - 11pm
01/04: 10am - 4pm

5th January 2013: on stage in Chorrillos

Before setting off for the rally’s first special stage, the public will discover the 2013 Dakar’s competitors, on a podium set up on the beach in Chorrillos: the presentation will take place from 8am to 1.30pm.

Stage 1 runs from Lima to Pisco and has a VERY SHORT special section, only 13 km long.

We will have a thread for EACH stage of the rally, as well as the post race quotes, etc. Feel free to discuss your thoughts & predictions leading up to stage 1. Thanks for the support.

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Looks like King Carlos is having second thoughts.


I expect Nasser to blow the LS7 bits on day 2.

Nice Comments...
Maybe a 2nd radiator? Hummer learning curve #1 Red & White Jim Beam Hummer?

not to toot our own horns,but Planet members pointed out these issues the first time we saw the Bugly's.Radiator placement is important with a big motor

How do the time zones line up to US EST CST MST PST?
Any news on streaming festivities on opening day?

all the stages that start in Peru (1-5) are EST. After that they are 2 hrs ahead of EST

I assume there isn't anyone from ASO on the boards here...but, anyone know why the fist special is only 13km long? People RUN farther than that.

we have the Stage 1 thread going up later tonight, but there is a LONG parade aka liason before the start of stage 1. Just opening day type stuff...good for publicity..The longer stages begin on Sunday.

1st stage is usually spectator stage and short. It is more of parade than a real race. They used to them all the time back in Africa Dakar days.

you'd be surprised who visits the Planet during DAKAR

Questions bout the Bugly...
Will El Toro be carrying water, belts & tow straps for Air Al?
Will Nasser drive it like it's rented or like he's an owner?
Will Air Al & El Toros egos clash & if so, what stage?
Is the Bugly lighter due to one less radiator? lighter duty parts? hot air?
Does it roll better Barrel or Endo?
Any lahma bumpers?
These and many more will be answered on the next episode of SOAP...

Here's a nice overview of the first 5 stages. Translated from French, but easy enough to figure out.

Lima - Pisco (Saturday, January 5th)
Nearly a year after a festive arrival in Lima, Dakar takes the opposite path. David Castera teams have not made ​​the dish before the appetizer. Peru will be selective, but not decisive. Sand as a host, it flowed naturally. The park will be located close to the heart of the circuit Magdalena beaches Eduardo Dibos (former mayor who was also autopilot, ed.) On January 5, a parade of vehicles 2 km guide the fishing district until the departure ceremony at Chorillos, opposite El parco del Amor. Adventure awaits competitors. The fires of love for those who remain. Only challenge of the day: a 13-kilometer prologue 100% sand between dunes and sandy valleys around the bivouac of Pisco. It will determine the starting order of the day. "Nothing insurmountable but already some mini crossings that will exclude not the first trouble," told us Jean-François Kerckaert who took part in the awards last September. With a track carved by multiple passes, the last will struggle to make their own way.
Pisco - Pisco (Sunday, January 6)
The camp does not change because the two e step is a loop with 242 km of special amidst gigantic dunes. "It is done for the show and a lot is expected of the world on Sunday," David Castera hope. "We'll get into the heart of the matter. There will be plenty of dunes but we mostly tried to avoid that because the move should not be too hard on it, says sports director of the event. This dunes are round, easy. lot of sand and the first crash. " During reconnaissance, Jean-François Kerckaert devised a complicated day for lovers. "After two hours of repeated passages of the best cars, bikes and trucks-especially-everything will be more difficult track will be very ideal dug the fesh-fesh will emerge from beneath the surface less buoyant and our little pots of sand will metamorphose into large bowls ... "Crossing the California desierto happen in the second part of the stage. It is not known if the harvest of Petter Solberg in the vineyards of Alsace during the Rallye de France have been emulated but it will matter ... Around Lago Morron, there is corn, citrus and vines. Surprising in a desert but this "oasis" exists thanks to Pisco River that feeds a subterranean lake. Attention at ASO was already anticipated night of arrivals ...
Pisco - Nazca (Monday, 7 January)
is going into high gear. Heading further south and the beginning of large galleys. "There goes one step further in trouble, says Castera. Upon the first 80 miles, there will be more difficult dunes and many more. Beefy From." This is the dish of the three e after step because it will mainly runs fast and rolling in the sea The end is quite nice with a grandiose and slalom. "The last straight line Nasca us ... zigzag, says Jean-François Kerckaert. A slalom start between pale dunes scattered on the floor Ebony, mineral, lunar and a steep descent that leads to the entrance of the last erg. It 5km rest before crossing the finish line. " No difficulty to finish and get the Nasca bivouac will be the same as 2012. As a reminder, this is Nasca we can see his lines in the ground by the Incas. But we do not see that the sky ...
Nazca - Arequipa (Tuesday, 8 January)
"Here we do not ride a notch but four!" Etienne Lavigne is happy effect. If competitors were serene, where they will tremble. "The dunes are early so you have time to travel far," David Castera outbid. Dunes, this is a big erg 26 km to go. If we add an early stage "jigger" in camel grass, it is the first 50-60 km, which will be complicated. "Frankly, I've rarely seen it," commented the reporter images Regis Mathé, faithful cameraman Dakar. "Will they have to stomach, the bikers." Of the stomach and heart because the output of the dunes promises emotions. "Special dedication to motorcyclists leave the erg by a great descent. We'll talk." The dedication of Castera, a former biker, this is "a staggering 2 km down to 45 degrees, interspersed with dunes. ... From the extreme," said Jean-François Kerckaert. This nightmare is completed, the following will not be easy because it has nothing to stock. "The day will be long enough", says Castera. With 420 km of liaison to do, it will return later to the bivouac. Very late ...
Arequipa - Arica (Wednesday, 9 January)
In Dakar fourteen days of racing, you should know household competitors. After a very tough starts, David Castera relieves the pressure in the 5 th step and a time of 160-170 km. The departure is delayed for a maximum of people recover. "We planned a lighter step to allow the whole caravan to pick up." In the road-book, two stages. One for bikes and one for cars-trucks. "It starts very strong, says Jean-François Kerckaert has already recognized the special. Climb a small hill and instead continue on the ridge path, the" track "takes us on a cliff over that disturbing. stones larger than your fist tight against each other that begin to roll as soon as you set foot on it. pass by here on a motorcycle will not be easy. " A real pain leg ending on a carpet ... flour. "We tried to eliminate the fesh-fesh we had met many in 2012," says Castera yet. Yes limit, not eliminate. Where land harder to start. The end of the stage will happily quieter with some slaloms among the dunes and in the final agricultural valleys. In four or more wheels, the special will be fast enough. After a stint at millimeter in a canyon, the slopes will look like highways. "I think it's a part where the drivers of the big teams can end up getting into trouble by being too greedy on the speed, told Etienne Lavigne at JFK. Va. may be the body as they say. " Arica is the arrival in Chile. The reward is that everyone will lose two hours of sleep because of the border crossing (going from 6 to 4 h00 h00 with France). Competitors did not necessarily need it.

Had to throw a sticker on it when i saw it. Hope it brings good luck! Gas on and bring an overall win back to 'Merica!!


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