We are now in the final days leading up until the start of the 2013 Dakar Rally here at PlanetRobby. This is the most anticipated rally in recent memory, with MANY subplots ( RG vs the mini's, the king of the energy drinks and the new "Nasser" buggy) and of course, the battle with Peterhensel. This is truly an US vs THEM battle for the ages. Those who have been here during the past Dakar Rallies, we plan on doing what we always have done: Making this a great 'getaway' and destination for all Robby Gordon and Dakar fans.

Looking at the Schedule, the scrutineering sets things in motion:

January 2,3 & 4th, 2013: The beaches of Lima

The site of the technical and administrative checks will be set up in the Magdalena District, where the South-American competitors will assemble on 2nd January in the afternoon. The “Dakar Village”, a meeting place for the competitors, the rally’s sponsors and the spectators, is next to the secure car park where the vehicles will be parked before the start.

Opening hours for the public:

01/02: 11am - 11p
01/03: 11am - 11pm
01/04: 10am - 4pm

5th January 2013: on stage in Chorrillos

Before setting off for the rally’s first special stage, the public will discover the 2013 Dakar’s competitors, on a podium set up on the beach in Chorrillos: the presentation will take place from 8am to 1.30pm.

Stage 1 runs from Lima to Pisco and has a VERY SHORT special section, only 13 km long.

We will have a thread for EACH stage of the rally, as well as the post race quotes, etc. Feel free to discuss your thoughts & predictions leading up to stage 1. Thanks for the support.

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I can only say in great appreciation and anticipation wish the entire Gordon effort the best and am thankful for all youre support. I was wondering if there is any fall out from the volcano that has been a bit active over there as well. Anyway Brian From H B will be Diligantly excited and i Tried to talk Jeff Escelman into going over to check it out (my Childhood Gret Buddy), Hello Jeff. Race on Thanks again TOG.

I cant wait

scheduling note.the stages that start in Peru are EST (1-5) the remaining stages are 2hrs ahead of EST.

7 Days Left,Get it 7..

I hope We/Robby/The Team/The Country get off to a great start so that my/our efforts to help generate support and awareness can get a foothold as the Rally gets underway. You see I'm not done knocking on doors.

Right on Michael....

When does the team head out to start preparing for scrutineering? or are they already there?

Some are already there. I believe the rest get there in a few days

Please....I need more pics or video of Dakar 2013....I am an RG Junkie

Right on! I am as wel. Sometimes theres several days gone by without any new pictures or vids of Dakar 2013! Cant sustain that any longer. Help..

New photo added last night.

Won't see any of the truck in Peru until they pick them up on Monday.


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