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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2012 Sonoma cup race. Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #7 Mapei Dodge into the field on Friday & will run the full race on Sunday. Gordon finished 18th at this track in 2011 & won the race in 2003. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the California track.


Practice 3:00pm - 4:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )
Qualifying 6:40pm - 8:00 pm/et ( TV - SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )

Practice Live Leaderboard


Practice 12:30pm/et - 1:15pm/et ( TV - NONE )
Happy Hour 3:00pm/et - 4:00pm/et (TV -SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )


Raceday 3:00 pm/et , greenflag at 3:18 pm/et ( TV - TNT )




1. Engine? RGM
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy / MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Robby Gordon
4. Full Race? YES
5. Souvenir Hauler ? YES
6. Where is Miles Stanley? Engineer for BK Racing ( 73, 83 & 93 )

7. Where is Brooks ? Napa Valley


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Totally agree, you have to roll the dice and take a chance. Good to see him run. Stuff breaks, its a bummer but he will be back, maybe not soon but he will be. Hope the new series takes off and he makes a grip of money to get better funding!!

I disagree. I usually stay out of the 'heated discussions' but to say his starting position ultimately hurt him is an inaccurate statement. Jeff Burton, who started behind RG and by no means is a Road Course guy, ran the same traditional strategy as many of the leaders and made it up to finish 11th. Had RG done the same, who knows what the result would have been? But considering the knife he brought to the gun fight (I know, money this and money that), probably close to the same result. Love RG (ever since his CART days), but it's time to put the RGM Nascar program to bed. Applaud the effort, but the results just aren't there.

Agree with your disagree. I'd rather have seen the dice thrown on Friday to get the front end start on Sunday.

Robby was running laps as fast as the leaders, he had a crappy Q- lap and started to far back to just run a straight race. He went with an unconventional approach to the race and it almost worked out and had it, all the naysayers would be singing his praises! C'mon folks get with the program with Robby you get what you get and live with it! I'll take him over all of the cookie cutter racers that inhabit NASCAR right now there are only a handful of individuals. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he can in some form return a team full time to NASCAR. I prefer desert, short course and now stadium but I enjoy stockcar racing and it's hard to beat the exposure.....just sayin'

Seems like RG was fast at times. But seriously, half the field was good. These other guys have stepped up their game.
The 31 started right by RG, and finished up front. I hate the fact some of these other driver beat robby but at least he was there.

Seriously,if cautions fell historically like they used to, and robbys pit strategy would have been put to use with out parts failure he could have been up front for a while. Honestly, he prob couldn't have won because there was some very fast cars ou there.

Also, did anyone catch whaT boyer said. His car today was the old 47 car that ran out of gas two years ago.

So I just watched the race and what lousy fucking coverage only showing the top 5 most of the race commercials every 3 minutes then 2.5 minutes of racing then more commercials wow. Sucked that the truck arm broke but shit happens in racing! Until the next race Gas On Robby tear it up in the desert!!

I see he was as high as 20th by lap 35! I think he was respectable, then the problems started. He hasn't raced in a stock car for months....

he never made a run and passed enough cars to avoid going a lap down,if you have a pit plan than drive hard and pass as many as possible so you do not lose a lap,hey it was a TALL order to finish the race let alone have a good finish,when you have not race all year to step in and make the field is very good in itself

Bummer! Busting parts in his the last race of the season {??}. From the comments, it looks like he may have had a chance for a top 20 finish at least. I hope he finds some money for the Glenn.

Well, this is disappointing to hear the fans implode like they are. Robby shows up ready to race, lugging an enormous amount of equipment to get the job done and had a part break! His happy hour times were in the top ten, but the qualifying sucked do to saving for the show. Some people on here whom I haven't seen recently have some real trash talk, like Robby took money that they invested in the team and blew it! To the spell checking trolls, go find another bridge to slither under! To the experts that decide that this is the forum to bash people, go back to your cellar and take your attitude out on your mom for not making spaghettios the way you like 'em! I know I'm upset because I like to watch Robby in NASCAR and also like to learn off road racing thru some very helpful and fun people I've met (MJ, Mike Kenyon, Kevin Wilson, TOG and the rest..thanks!)! I know I don't Know much about it, but they don't stick up my ass for not knowing, and for that I say thanks!! Sorry for the rant, but usually the people that throw the internet stones wouldn't think of it in the real world! Thanks planet people, you guys and girls help my make my day!

Exactly.........We went out there to race. Its a shame. Sometimes things are out of our control. We'll race again...Enjoy some off-road. Heck you may see some of us there.


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