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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2012 Sonoma cup race. Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #7 Mapei Dodge into the field on Friday & will run the full race on Sunday. Gordon finished 18th at this track in 2011 & won the race in 2003. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the California track.


Practice 3:00pm - 4:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )
Qualifying 6:40pm - 8:00 pm/et ( TV - SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )

Practice Live Leaderboard


Practice 12:30pm/et - 1:15pm/et ( TV - NONE )
Happy Hour 3:00pm/et - 4:00pm/et (TV -SPEED - TAPE DELAY AT 11:00pm/et )


Raceday 3:00 pm/et , greenflag at 3:18 pm/et ( TV - TNT )




1. Engine? RGM
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy / MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Robby Gordon
4. Full Race? YES
5. Souvenir Hauler ? YES
6. Where is Miles Stanley? Engineer for BK Racing ( 73, 83 & 93 )

7. Where is Brooks ? Napa Valley


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How much to keep it open to the end of this year?

or thru DAKAR and the SST series?

Worst case would be shut down until Dakar...but we will be here at Dakar 2013

Have you thought about shutting this but opening something like it on the SST website ? You could even still keep the Planet Robby name just move the URL to that site .

nah, it needs to be separate. We will keep it going as long as we can

Thats like asking a man what he makes

I didn't even know there was a Premium Planet Robby. I will sign up!

Hey TOG,
First those that make pledges and do not honor them are just POS material plain and simple.
Nothing anyone can do about that.
But as has been asked "and I understaand the reluctance to comply to the question" if we had a ballpark figure to shoot for we would know how high to jump.
I for one "even though I do not chime in every day" am quite happy with the format and main group here.
That being said I would be glad, as I am sure many others here would, to chip in more to help.
Wally and I had a little side bet going once and the few bucks came your way so maybe that is a way to generate some flow. Maybe raffel some stuff off with who knows.
The bottom line is if we had some type of a clue where the bar is we could try to jump over it.


after consulting with WJM, we are going to make one last push to get us funded through Dakar 2013. Anyone who comes here during Dakar knows we shut down our personal lives & dedicate ourselves to basically 24/7 coverage, we pay expensive license fees to Reuters to get daily images from every stage in a very timely fashion. We have many future projects on hold at the moment until we reach our budget, including a new site design. The funding pledged that didnt come through put us in a bad spot. :(

I didn't realize funding was such an issue that it would result in a site closure. I can't have that.

donated $20 just now and will do at least one more time this year.

Not much, but every little bit helps.

If T-shirts become another fundraiser, let me know. I'll buy again!

it wasn't an issue until a large promised amount didn't come through. In July it will be 4 years of existence here.We are determined to keep going as long as we can. Thanks for the support. If it's meant to be another year, then it's meant to be. Regardless, its been a fun ride. ( with occasional road

it has been fun. and even though I don't post a lot (I admit, I don't know a lot about motorsports, I just like watching racing), I still am here on a near daily basis, checking out the latest news, rumours and results. I work in a relatively slow EMS station, so when I say "I don't know what I'd do without you" I actually kind of mean it.

Here's to many more years of the planet.


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