Join in and discuss all the action for the 2012 B.I.T.D. Parker 425. Robby Gordon is driving the #1537 RPM Offroad SPEED Energy Truggy ( No Trophy Truck until the Baja 500 ). Qualifying is on Thursday, February 2nd ( about 3:00pm/et ) & the race is slated to begin at 9:15am/et on Saturday, February 4th. Live raceday CHAT will be available. Stay tuned for further info.

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off road parts and service provider.

Thanks... i never thought to google the damn name. Im an idiot!

Spoke to one of the RPM guy's while gassing up at Terribles saturday night he works for Gieser in Pheonix and had the # 18 Juan Carlos Lopez TT on a trailer on his way home. He told me the team owner is Clyde Stout and that they have 2 tt's and the truggy housed and prepped at Gieser there's a class 8 out of Tenn. a class 10 and a class 5 I think out of O.C. not sure if I got all the cars right

I made a mistake it's not Clyde stout, Clyde Stacy is the driver of the Truggy Robby drove Justin Matney is the team owner

Qualifying video

Ed he ran an RGOF class 1 car at Laughlin in the early 2000's

That became the first Hummer Im pretty sure. Theroits (sp) car, I forgot that he raced that.

Which I think is now the RPM Sportsman buggy... Which is a Alpha. Wow that thing has got around!

Close! Cam Theroits "Lucky Sperm" RGM class 1 car became the original Humbuggy. The car that RPM bought from RG is an Alpha car built by Johnny Kaiser and it was Hummer #3 that the Chili team raced. That car was originally built for James Golden and James finished the car but never raced it. RG was able to buy it from James and Billy Gasper from Porter and a few others with RGM worked to convert it as best as possible to be Hummer #3. Since then it was transformed back into a class 1 car with some traits of the Hummer still there. Yes the RPM guys have raced it in Sportsman as it is being raced by the kids.

Thank you, it all became a blur when bodies started going on buggies HAHA! So what has became of humbuggy one? was it cut up into what is one of the primary hummers now?

This is why I follow and like off road. This is still a bunch of guys cutting, rebuilding, fixing, making better and transforming buggys into humbuggies, trucks into truggies, etc. I am just impressed that NIKAL and Fly can keep up with it all. By the way, with Robby not racing his own TT, is that in the middle of being rebuilt, or another one being built for the 500?

we can guess, we could know but those who know don't want to tell, haha, so, Robby said his saving it for the 500.

Keep in mind the truck got banged up pretty good in the baja 1000 & the mechanics were still working on the Dakar stuff at the time. Then throw in the late addition of the second Hummer & all the guys going to South America for Dakar, I guess there was no time to get it ready . Robby had options for Parker, he took them & the RGM guys can prep the Truck for the Baja 500 in a non- rushed fashion.


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