Join in & discuss the 2012 King Of The Hammers. Qualifying is on Wednesday , 2-8-12 ( at 7:00pm/et) & the race is on Friday, 2-10-12. Live video feeds & tracking links can be found on our KING OF THE HAMMERS page.

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It was awesome to see Robby try KOH, and actually was impressive to say the least. He will be back for sure, and next year will be a very interesting year to watch it I think. I'm curious if they stick with the TTB car or build something different.


Beyond rude! When you walk in their shoes with them, deal with their schedules, make the decisions they had to make and deal with the logistics of putting this thing together, then maybe you can say, no excuse.

Robby has big balls and goes big ...yea sometimes it doesnt work out,,,,who else can or has done what he does----00000000 no one -- Give him credit---or go cheer for Jimmy Johnson --lol "that Candy ass "


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