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Join in here and discuss all the happy hour practice & raceday action for the 2012 Daytona 500.


RACEDAY  12:00pm/et - ( TV - FOX )





1. Full race ? YES
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy/MENARDS/MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Miles Stanley
4. Must Qualify On Time ? NOW QUALIFIED
5. Souvenir Hauler ? NO


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T.J. Bell # 50?


Pointless? was it Pointless when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Just switched over to ESPN and the Danika show continues for you #7 fans .


When your a Robby Gordon fan its all kittens and rainbows

LMAO, I thought it's like riding a roller coaster.

I figure it's more like riding a roller coaster while holding a cat. Even when things are going well, something is scratching away at your the FIA, or NASCAR, etc.

Excuse the question as I am guessing this may have been covered in a thread earlier, but I have been at work all day and am not in the mood to hunt for the answer. Lol. I know robby is using his own engine. That is cool. Is it the same engine or a new RGM/Arrington engine? I know that teams are allowed to change engines after the 150s if they like without penalty. And to throw in another random, rambling thought I have had before: the old font #7 looks awesome on the car and I am glad it has returned.

The original engine from Qual and the Duel. They pulled it and think they found the source of the overheating so they put back together whatever they took apart and bolted it back in for the saturday shakedown.

And YES, I agree, a big +1 for the original RGM font #7.

Cool. Thanks for the answer. Any reason (other than the obvious one of money) that they are using the same motor instead of a fresh motor?

came with the best RP engine RGM has?

Could be. RGM still has a chance at a good 500 tomrrow and that would be great to see.


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