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Join in here and discuss all the happy hour practice & raceday action for the 2012 Daytona 500.


RACEDAY  12:00pm/et - ( TV - FOX )





1. Full race ? YES
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy/MENARDS/MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Miles Stanley
4. Must Qualify On Time ? NOW QUALIFIED
5. Souvenir Hauler ? NO


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Does this count as an engine change when the original motor is pulled? My guess is no for the obvious reason but I wasn't to sure on the rules regarding this.
Just do not want Robby to start in the back so that the RGM car stays sucked to the lead pack...also better dance partners if that even matters with all the cooling issues these cars are having.

Teams are allowed an engine change after the 150 but before happy hour.

If he starts the 500 on that engine, I would be more concerned about it last 500 miles than being able to keep in the lead draft...

This is only my opinion, but with the team choosing the use the Duel engine which RG stated would not last in the 500. Makes me think Penske has no interest in supplying RG an engine, Or that if RGM had a back up that it is not race worthy and that the team is going into this knowing it is only a matter of time before Duel engine blows. And they must be content with taking 40th place money home. Not quite a S&P, but they will not be competitive and will take whatever they get.

I understand their is a business and financial side to this. But from a fan at home I would almost rather have not seen RG make the field, then to watch him lose the draft, go a lap or two down and later retire or blow up.

Yea, I agree. Maybe not the "rather have him not make the race," but if he is just going out there with a motor that has already overheated and was down on horsepower, perhaps sell the spot to someone who will spend the money on a new engine? The issue here is there really is only one game in town for Dodge horsepower, and financially and/or logistically getting an engine from them just might not be possible.

I am holding out hope that perhaps RGM/Penske has struck a deal to lease an engine for the 500, but only if the 2 or 22 don't blow one up on Saturday. After Saturday practice, those backup Penske engines become expendable, assuming they are not needed for the 2 or 22.

I wouldn't be surprised seeing a Penske engine in that car and Hornish's pit crew pitting it come Sunday morning.

obviously RG is putting in whats available to him. Can't lease a motor from Penske if none are available to lease.

"The issue here is there really is only one game in town for Dodge horsepower, and financially and/or logistically getting an engine from them just might not be possible."

Fairly sure I said that...

I hope they are able to get EFI data that Nascar says will be given from team to team maybe some speed will be found in the data.

What little I know about Robby is he's a racer! There's no way he would go to the show and be satisfied with 40th! This guy is as competitive as they come, calculated & determined! He won't go to the show for any other reason than to win!!

If I was Robby, I would take the motor that BK turned backwards when he spun in practice..still better than what we got? Q: Can you put other engines (makes) in a chevy in a toyota?



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