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Join in here and discuss all the happy hour practice & raceday action for the 2012 Daytona 500.


RACEDAY  12:00pm/et - ( TV - FOX )





1. Full race ? YES
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy/MENARDS/MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Miles Stanley
4. Must Qualify On Time ? NOW QUALIFIED
5. Souvenir Hauler ? NO


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Speed practice just showed Robby chatting with Rusty Wallace around his engine...hmmmm

Rusry might have some pull with Penske, or he might be mad that he aced out his brother Loud Mouth.

Rusty is probably bitter about losing 5hour energy. Perhaps Rob was asking him to sample some Speed

It would be nice to score a Penske motor and give the 7 a chance to finish at the top end. If not; is the RGM motor fixable? Hope its just a small problem not a true repersentation of the motors that are coming from RGM this year.

Whatever happens, happens. End of the day it is up to Penske to make the call if they can lease a motor or not ( as to not take away from their own cars )

Mike, Robby has a spare RGM engine. It is ready to go in the car, The old motor the oil ran hot (280deg) that wont last in the 500. Can only change motors once (1) between the Duals and final practice. If Roger says no Robby will run the race with his spare motor. Probably not as strong, but he will be competitive.

Duel engine pulled, inspected, and being installed now. I'm just happy RG is in the 500. Anything can happen Sunday!

thanks for these updates johnny! Is the team excited? I'm sure everyone's spirits are high..

They were pumped yesterday. Today is all business.

so I read this that a RGM backup motor is being installed and no penske for the 500

Same duel engine.

Not good.


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