Quotes from Stage 11 of the 2012 Dakar Rally

Robby Gordon - Finished 25th

"We lost a CV joint boot and when we finished the first special we tried to change it. It took us too long to change and we missed the transfer section. At the end it was very bad and the silt is all inside the clutch, so we've lost the clutch and a wheel fell off… We've just had a bad day – we had a horrible day. The only way we'll win is if the other guys have problems, but I'm pretty sure De Villiers got past us too. But, you know, that's the Dakar. You fight, fight, fight and hopefully it doesn't get you, but today it just got us, for no reason. A 1 dollar part, a hose clamp broke. That put is in a position to miss everything else, so it was a bad day for us, but we'll just keep fighting until the end. We won't give up. You never know what will happen, so we'll ride to Lima."

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the minis are on 31's with as much travel as my mountain bike and the hummer is riding on 37's with mad travel no wonder why the hummer is faster if having a superior off road set up is cheating then maybe the minis should stick to the pavement

Exactly......Cmon Really!!!! The Hummer is faster because it has suspension and proper sized tires and a fucking V8... not minibike tires and a 2 liter motor...But since "Monster and Mini are shelling tons of cash they have to find excuses or pay for them... I call Bullshit!!!! Please Robby kick them were it counts on the special!!!

It's all about stage wins now. Don't worry about everyone else. Pressure is off now, go out and enjoy the thing he loves the most.

Pretty much everyone of the comments I've read on this discussion is why I joined the Planet!! you people Rock! ..................give'em hell Robby! kick some Dakar ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a Mini that $1.00 part costs $27.39

$27.39 on clearance. 75% off.

That is why you should always use zip ties when it's important to hold things together! :D

and while I'm pissed off, Monster should be pissed off at their little wimp-ass crybaby drivers. They sponsor those clowns, they represent Monster, last time I checked still an American company.... they for sure know RG doesn't have to cheat to go faster than the Mini's.

rallypanam rallypanam
Robby currently giving a lesson on restrictive plates, dismantling Nasser's car and showing what they have in there. pic.twitter.com/lIIk5Ip1


Go Robby! Is that Manny, Moe, and Jacques in the red jackets?

I am so sick of the Mini drivers and Peterhansel specifically. I thought you could build to a couple sets of rules. The Mini chose turbodiesel, 4WD, small tire and travel. Advantages: WRC rally type sections and high altitudes. Robby chose the SCORE route 2WD, LS7 engine, onboard tire inflation/deflation, big tires, big wheel travel. It does not look like the Minis are as fast as the VW's have been in the past and the Hummer should easily kick their ass in the dunes since that is what the damn thing was built for. I just hope the FIA sides with Robby so that this is not a bigger PR problem in the future.


I love it. The whole idea of a tire-inflation pump serving as forced induction is crazy stupid. Robby needs to make a basic auto-shop video right there in the desert. But then, what the hell for? Do I really think it will help, to teach the world the difference between a tire-pump and a blower or a turbo? Nah!


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