Quotes from Stage 11 of the 2012 Dakar Rally

Robby Gordon - Finished 25th

"We lost a CV joint boot and when we finished the first special we tried to change it. It took us too long to change and we missed the transfer section. At the end it was very bad and the silt is all inside the clutch, so we've lost the clutch and a wheel fell off… We've just had a bad day – we had a horrible day. The only way we'll win is if the other guys have problems, but I'm pretty sure De Villiers got past us too. But, you know, that's the Dakar. You fight, fight, fight and hopefully it doesn't get you, but today it just got us, for no reason. A 1 dollar part, a hose clamp broke. That put is in a position to miss everything else, so it was a bad day for us, but we'll just keep fighting until the end. We won't give up. You never know what will happen, so we'll ride to Lima."

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GO Robby! Fight on! It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. I'm proud to be RG Fan!

Robby " Rocky Balboa " Gordon  . 
Get knocked down get back up !!! EYE OF THE TIGER BABY

Matted it To LIMA....!!!!

Still can get on the podium in Peru. Ride on RG!

Man on a mission! Kudos to you, sir!

Determination My Man

To Some the glass is half full.
To Some the glass is half empty.
To an Engineer the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Robby just keeps drinking and don't give a shit.

On to Lima it is.

And the Friggin French need to learn about a deflation system then install them in their over inflated heads.


gas on mother trucker ,im still hoping for the best. great job so far and i no he will never give up

how many french guys do you think will be lining up for a can of speed after this?

Just as many as there were before.


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