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Quotes from Stage 11 of the 2012 Dakar Rally

Robby Gordon - Finished 25th

"We lost a CV joint boot and when we finished the first special we tried to change it. It took us too long to change and we missed the transfer section. At the end it was very bad and the silt is all inside the clutch, so we've lost the clutch and a wheel fell off… We've just had a bad day – we had a horrible day. The only way we'll win is if the other guys have problems, but I'm pretty sure De Villiers got past us too. But, you know, that's the Dakar. You fight, fight, fight and hopefully it doesn't get you, but today it just got us, for no reason. A 1 dollar part, a hose clamp broke. That put is in a position to miss everything else, so it was a bad day for us, but we'll just keep fighting until the end. We won't give up. You never know what will happen, so we'll ride to Lima."

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God bless you RG, cheers on you,. beat those mf...

Dang the Luck!! Keep on truckin' Robby! One thing you are not is a quitter! You've done an Awsome Job for this Rally! Go Robby, Go!!!!

After listening to the interviews with Peter and Roma I'm furious. Now they're flat out calling RG a cheater because they can't beat him on a straightaway? WTF? I seem to remember the VW's had more top speed than Rob as well.

There's not much that I hate worse than a poor sport.

agree Mark calling him a cheater F them

The behavior makes them seem like small men in small cars. All the money spent by the factory you would think the Mini would be much faster. It must be hard as a factory driver to see a privateer pass you by as if you were standing still. It might even push you to run people over and curse your fellow competitor.

I agree with you.RG really never got a chance last year to show them what he had

I suspect they are spouting off for BMW. BMW does not want a privateer to have a faster car it is just too embarrassing. But they don't want to sound like poor losers so they have their drivers do it. That happens all the time on F1 where the manufacturer has the driver do the criticizing, and they stay silent.

It's Dakar. You fight to the finish.

Right on brother! Pedal to the metal!


RG is really lucky that he didnt lose an entire CV too Then it could have been even worse. Gas On Robby keep pushing man!

something that holds your doobie (joint) so you dont burn your fingers!


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